Highsider H4 Headlight Insert, Rectangular - Clear Lens

Highsider H4 Headlight Insert, Rectangular - Clear Lens


Type: Lenses, Bulbs, Relays

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HIGHSIDER H4 insert with parking light function, 12 V 60/55W

Fits the HIGHSIDER OREGON headlight series with art. no. 223-055 / 223-056 / 223-057 / 223-058.

Symmetrical insert with parking light and clear glass. The reflector creates a symmetrical, bright light and ensures optimal perception of bikers by other road users, e-approved.

Sensational give your bike your unmistakable style! The fancy design and the perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series makes your bike in any case a highlight!

A: 180 x 90 mm.
GA: 172 x 85 mm
I: 165 x 80 mm
R: 10 mm
T: max. 90 mm (unequal depths on all sides, therefore only the deepest point measured above).

Lamps: H4, 12 V 60/55W

black cable = ground (-)
yellow cable = low beam (+)
blue cable = high beam (+)
connections parking light function:
Black cable = ground (-)
Green cable = parking light (+)

Scope of supply: 1 piece

Symmetrical reflector - also approved for left-hand traffic.
This application is also available complete with housing: Art.-No. 223-055, 223-056, 223-057 and 223-058.
Replacement bulb: 209-105 H4