Mounting Solo Seats

Solo seat springs come in many shapes and sizes, here is a guide to your main choices:

Cylinder Coil – usually the cheapest and most common option, popular sizes are 3” and 5”. Available in chrome, black and copper finishes.

Copper 3" cylinder spring for solo seatBlack 3" cylinder spring

Scissor – cool looking spring alternative to the standard style of coil spring found under most solo seats. Also sometimes called Torsion springs. Gives more of a hard tail ride. Available 2”, 3” and 3.5” high in chrome and black. We recommend choosing a set that has one spring wound clockwise and one anti-clockwise to give a symmetrical look and feel when mounted to the bike.2" torsion scissor springs

Barrel – great for an old school or retro look, springs are tapered at the top and bottom, full range of sizes, usually available in chrome, black and copper finish.

3" tapered barrel springs

Seat Shocks – ideal if solo seat springs are too soft or wobbly for your taste, adjustable spring preload allows you to adjust how hard you ride. Decide between single or dual shocks, with choice of heights (4”, 5” or 6”). Requires special mounting bracket in addition to cost of shocks.

Spring shock absorbers for solo seat

Regardless of which spring style you choose, you’ll also need a seat bracket which bolts to the underside of your solo seat. This can either be bolted or welded to the frame.

Biltwell macho weld-on seat bracketSquare mounting bracket for underneath solo seat

To secure your seat, connect springs to the mounting bolts at rear of seat. You will need to connect the other end to support brackets welded or bolted to the frame.

For the long front bracket, this can either be secured by bolting to a mount welded to the frame, for example, Biltwell's macho or stainless brackets, or you can use a separate bracket which clamps around the frame. This second bracket then connects to front of a square seat bracket, creating a hinge for easy access underneath the seat.

Bolt on bracket for securing solo seat

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