Good Results Using Kreem Petrol Tank Sealant

Anyone who has a leaking fuel tank (petrol or diesel) will know how frustrating it is to permanently solve without resorting to buying an expensive new tank, as well as the risk to paintwork, garage floors, road users etc. Kreem Fuel Tank Liner, whether used by itself or with Kreem's additional products such as Tank Prep, Tank Cleaner/Degreaser and Paint Mask, is a proven solution to successfully stop petrol tank leaks.

Some tips for success:

  1. Remove all rust from the tank. Kreem Tank Prep will do this properly. Time varies depending on how much rust is in the tank. Visually inspect your tank and continue until tank is free of all rust.
  2. After using Kreem Tank Prep A & B do NOT dry the tank as this will cause flash rust to form. Add Kreem Tank Liner IMMEDIATELY after rinsing with Tank Prep B.
  3. For small tanks (1-5 gallons), use one pint of Kreem Tank Liner. For larger tanks, use one quart (2 pint bottles) per 20 gallons of tank capacity. If the tank contains baffles, be sure to consider the increase in surface area. For spraying or brushing, thin with methyl ethyl ketone to desired consistency.
  4. Pour Kreem Tank Liner into tank and coat entire inner surface by slowly rotating tank in all directions. When all surfaces have been completely coated, a generous excess should remain. Let tank stand for 8-10 minutes with spout open, then close spout and slowly rotate tank allowing excess to re-coat all surfaces. Let tank stand for an additional 8-10 minutes with spout open however, this time on a different side. Repeat this until the tank has the desired coating. Do not allow coating to drain to one area and dry.
  5. Drain any excess, remove all stops and allow to air-dry in a well ventilated area for at least 24 hours. A nozzle from a low pressure air compressor blowing lightly into the fuel spout and out another opening will greatly reduce setup time. DO NOT USE A HAIR DRIER!
  6. For extra protection, air-dry first coat for 6 hours or longer and repeat step 4 of application process.
  7. Do not allow Kreem Tank Liner to puddle as this will not allow the material to dry properly. Kreem Tank Liner requires air to dry and cure properly. Keep in a well-ventilated area (e.g. outdoors). Kreem Tank Prep is a rust remover and metal etch, it does not remove grease. Use Kreem Tank Cleaner/Degreaser on your tank prior to using Tank Prep. This is important on new tanks which come with an oily protective coating.

All Kreem products come with detailed application instructions - read the Kreem “How To” brochure prior to use or watch their YouTube video.

CAUTION - read warning statements on all labels before using any of these products. Kreem Tank Prep solutions may damage paint. Tank Prep A contains acid, handle with care using protective eyewear, rubber gloves and adequate ventilation. Tank Prep B and Kreem Tank Liner contains methyl ethyl ketone, use only in well ventilated areas, preferably outdoors. Highly flammable, do not use near open flame. Kreem Tank Liner is NOT for use in plastic containers. Kreem Tank Liner is NOT compatible with fiberglass tanks. You must spot test to determine compatibility with Kreem Tank Liner before use.

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