luggage rack for sissy bars black

Black Luggage Rack 525-002B for Highway Hawk Sissy Bar

Brand: Highway Hawk

Type: Luggage Racks

SKU: H525-002B

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Highway Hawk Luggage racks for sissy bar ?Wide? ?Arch? and ?Adjustable? in BlackWidth - 207 mm for sissy bars: 521-1044/ 521-2044/ 522-1040/ 522-2040/ 522-1047/ 522-2047/ 527-1040/527-1040B/ 527-1042/ 527-1042B/ 527-1043/527-1043B/ 527-1044/527-1044B/ 527-1047/ 527-1047B/ 527-2040/ 527-2042/ 527-2043/527-2044/ 527-2047/ 529-1046/ 529-1046B/ 529-2046Note: When the (OEM) license plate holder is situated above the OEM taillight mounting an add-on luggage rack might be impossibleMaximum weight limit 5 kg. Distribute weight evenly when loading