Highsider LED Headlight 5-3/4 inch "ATLANTA" Side Mount -Chrome

Highsider LED Headlight 5-3/4 inch "ATLANTA" Side Mount -Chrome


Type: Headlights

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HIGHSIDER 5 3/4 inch LED headlight ATLANTA with sidelight for side mounting

The innovation for your safety - the model ATLANTA is a headlight equipped with 4 power LEDs, packed in a high quality black metal housing. The LED technology for daylight, low beam and high beam produces a symmetrical, daylight-like light for optimum visibility, E-approved.

The bright joy: Give your bike an unmistakable style! The unusual design and perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlamp series will definitely make you a sensational highlight.

Dimensions of headlights:
Diameter: 145 mm
Depth: 95 mm (from fixing screw to rear housing)
Depth: 135 mm

Dimensions of control box:
Height: 74 mm
Width: 42mm
Depth: 21 mm

Headlights: approx. 1200 g
Control part approx. 1200 g
Control part: approx. 210 g

Technical data:
Current consumption dipped beam at 12.5 Volt: 1.1 Ampere (13.75 Watt)
Current consumption high beam at 12.5 Volt: 2.3 Ampere (28.75 Watt)
Light current at 12 Volt: high and low beam each 1200 Lumen

9 -16 Volt DC
Black = Ground
White cable = Low beam
Blue cable = High beam
Brown cable = Parking light

Fixing: lateral with fixing screws M6

Scope of supply: 1 piece

Note: The control box must be connected!