Highsider LED Combi Rear Taillight + Indicators "ROCKET BULLET" (Pair) - Chrome

Highsider LED Combi Rear Taillight + Indicators "ROCKET BULLET" (Pair) - Chrome


Type: Combination 3-in-1 Lights

SKU: HH254-347

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HIGHSIDER ROCKET BULLET LED tail light, brake light, turn signal with aluminium housing and tinted glass.

The striking variant of the model ROCKET BULLET - for rear E-tested.

Inspired by organic shapes, HIGHSIDER product development has designed a completely new housing shape without losing sight of the past.
The soft, round form supports the classical associations evoked by the viewer.

In the center there are 6 very bright SMD LEDs. The outer ring consists of COBs (Chip On Board).
Thanks to the new LED chip embedding for high-performance LEDs, a very high luminance can be achieved with the best possible efficiency and service life.

A Diameter: 45 mm
Width: 65 mm
C Depth: 64 mm
Stalk length: 24 mm
Fastening bolt: M10 x 1.5 mm x length 30 mm

Black cable = ground (-)
Yellow cable = taillight (+)
Red cable = stoplight (+)
blue = turn signal (+)