Highsider Headlight "IOWA" Oval Bottom Mount Blue Lens - Black

Highsider Headlight "IOWA" Oval Bottom Mount Blue Lens - Black


Type: Headlights

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HIGHSIDER main headlamp IOWAH4 halogen main headlamp including parking light with clear or blue glass in a chrome or black oval metal housing for bottom mounting.
The reflector emits a bright, symmetrical light - for good road illumination and optimal visibility, E-tested

See and be seen - give your bike a distinctive style! The unusual design and perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series make it a highlight in any case!

Technical data:
Lighting title: H4, 12 V 60/55W
Width: 175 mm
Height: 102 mm
Depth: 132 mm

Fastening lamp ring : laterally with M3 hexagon socket screws, M3 x 0.5 mm,length: 15 mm, (actual thread length: 12 mm), head diameter: 5 mm.
lower attachment: M10

Black cable = ground (-)
Yellow cable = low beam (+)
Blue cable = high beam (+)

Stand light:
Green cable = parking light (+)
Black cable = ground (-)

Supplied with: 1 piece