Highsider Headlight 7 inch "RENO TYPE 3 in. Side Mount - Black

Highsider Headlight 7 inch "RENO TYPE 3 in. Side Mount - Black


Type: Headlights

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HIGHSIDER 7 inch LED headlight RENO TYPE 3 for side mounting

Innovative power LED headlight with parking light function and clear glass. The oval metal housing, haschromed, asymmetrical - only approved for right-hand traffic - reflector, E-approved.

Our highlights - give your bike a distinctive style! The fancy design and theperfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series make it a highlight in any case!

dimensions headlight:
housing diameter: 200 mm
diameter of headlight insert: 178 mm
housing depth: 160 mm
distance of the mounting holes (middle - middle): 170 mm
distance mounting hole (middle) to end of housing: approx. 90 mm
mounting: laterally withM8 threaded bolt

3-pin plug type A, female Cable length 210 mm (included in delivery)
Green cable = ground (-)
Blue cable = high beam (+)
White cable = low beam (+)

AmReflector in headlamp housing:
Black cable = ground (-)
Red cable = low beam (+), current consumption: at 12 Volt 18 Watt, approx. 1132 lumen.
White cable = high beam (+), current consumption: at12 Volt 30 Watt, approx. 1770 Lumen.
Brown cable = parking light (+), power consumption: at 12 Volt 0.7 Watt

Supplied with: 1 piece, including 3-pin mating connector

Insert asymmetrical, onlyApproved for right-hand traffic.

Optional to order
Replacement insert, chrome: Art.No.: 226-015