Highsider DRL Control- "BOX CB1 inch (Circuit Daytime Running Light)

Highsider DRL Control- "BOX CB1 inch (Circuit Daytime Running Light)


Type: Lenses, Bulbs, Relays

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Daytime running light Control box for vehicles without light switch

By installing the DRL CONTROL- BOX CB1 the correct switching between daytime running light and the lighting at the front of the vehicle is given. According to the regulations, the daytime running light must be connected in such a way that it switches off automatically when the main headlamp is switched on. Since the main headlight is always on in vehicles without a light switch, the function of the daytime running light could not be used correctly. The BOX is suitable for LED and conventional headlamps and is installed between the main headlamp with integrated or separate daytime running light and the vehicle electrics. The function of the parking light, which can be switched on and off via the ignition switch when parking the vehicle, is fully functional.

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Length: 48 mm
Width: 28 mm
Height: 14 mm

IN (vehicle electrics):
yellow = high beam (+)
blue = low beam (+) ON / OFF switch between
white = parking light (+)
red = ignition 15 (+)
black = ground (-))

OUT (headlight)
Yellow = high beam (+)
Blue = low beam (+)
black = ground (-)

On the daytime running light:
White = Parking light (+)
Red = Daytime running light (+)

Scope of supply: 1 piece

Optional accessories:
Light switch on/off

A separate ON and OFF switch is additionally required for the DRL CONTROL-BOX (not included).
The rear tail light must always remain switched on, i.e. put it on ignition plus.

A mounting tutorial is available on YouTube in our channel (HIGHSIDER Tips & Tricks). Link: