Highsider Digital Flasher Relay "PW-NANO" ideal for LED Conversions

Highsider Digital Flasher Relay "PW-NANO" ideal for LED Conversions


Type: Lenses, Bulbs, Relays

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Extremely small, load-independent digital flasher unit, ideal for LED flasher conversions or for conventional 10 watt or 21 watt flasher bulbs The relaydelivers an absolutely constant flashing frequency and fits in almost all steering tubes or frames.

Precisely tuned - the extensive range of accessories from HIGHSIDER is perfectly matched to your motorcycletailored. With the highest level of quality and functionality, you can easily customize your bike to suit your needs.

Dimensions: Length: 15 mm Width: 5 mm Height: 6m

1 piece

For various EnglishIn the case of the BSA, Norton, etc., all consumers are connected to ground, with the plus being connected to the frame. Therefore, when mounting the PW Nano, the black cable must be connected to battery ground and the red cable toPoint in the direction of the switch.
Not suitable for push-button switches.
Not suitable as a flasher relay set, which have a warning flashing function or other additional functions.

Compatible with this article:
HIGHSIDER LED indicators / parking light unit: Part No. 204-260
HIGHSIDER LED tail light / indicator unit, Part No. 254-261