Highsider CNC Alu Headlight Bracket "BOTTOM TYPE2 in - Black

Highsider CNC Alu Headlight Bracket "BOTTOM TYPE2 in - Black


Type: Mounting Brackets

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HIGHSIDER CNC aluminium headlight holder BOTTOM TYPE2

CNC-milled holder made of aluminium for mounting headlights with lower mounting.
Bore for fixing the headlight max. M 10. Suitable for forks with a width of 205 mm to 245 mm (measured from the centre of the fork standpipe to the centre of the fork standpipe).
The exact width is adjusted by changing the mounting angle on the bracket using the additional standpipe clamps required.

Precisely matched the extensive range of accessories from HIGHSIDER is perfectly tailored to your motorcycle. With a maximum of quality and functionality you can easily design your bike according to your wishes.

Holder dimensions:
Overall width: 240 mm
Width: 225 mm (from attachment to attachment)
Depth: 37 mm
Height: 15 mm

Scope of supply: 1 piece

Note: In addition, you will need HIGHSIDER's specially manufactured standpipe clamps (supplied as a pair) for the following standpipe diameters:
Artnr. 207-403 = 35 mm - 37 mm
o. 207-405 = 38 mm - 41 mm
o. 207-409 = 42 mm - 43 mm
o. 207-419 = 50 mm, 52 mm, 54 mm